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Usage and Maintenance of Universal Joints

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In order to guarantee the best operation quality and prolong service life of universal joints, one should be conscientious when doing daily maintenance. Here are the detailed content. 
Checking the connecting flanges and others in case of looseness once a day. If there are any looseness, fastening them immediately. 
Checking the bearings of universal joints to see if there are fever or noisy. Checking spline pairs to see if they are frayed seriously or have abnormal vibration or noisy. When these issues take place, one should find out reasons in time and replace components or take other measures to avoid universal joints work with defects. 
Do lubrication periodically according to the content recommended in the above “Lubrication” part. 
According to specific situations in Chinese different fields as well as on-site environment, the maintenance cycle of universal joints ranges from 3 to 12 months. For those in good environment, the period could be relatively longer than those in bad environment, while maintenance cycle of the latter are usually 3 months. Users can determine the cycle according to their own situation. The focus of maintenance is check, clear and replace the components of universal joints. It is suggested to replace the old seal ring with a new one. 
In view of the damaged conditions of quick-wear parts of universal joints as well as the limitation of on-site conditions, we advise users to deliver universal joints back to factories after removing flange shaft sleeves from them on the spot. 
If maintenance has to be done on the spot because of special reasons, especially for telescopic universal joints, we suggest that do not draw away spline pairs in case recovery would not be done right. In emergency situations that the spline pairs have to be drawn away, one must mark the cleaned spline shafts and spline housings before separating them from each other. Reinstalling them strictly comply with marks. 
In order to ensure the safety of person and equipment when removing universal joints, one must operate according to the above mentioned methods for installing and carrying universal joints. 


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