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Connetion Methods of Universal Joints

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The connection methods between fork flanges and connection flanges. 

10.9 grade or 12.9 grade hexagon bolts or cylinder bolts, 10 grade or 8 grade self-locking nuts. 
Inserting bolts from the ends of fitting flanges. For those without flange connections, studs can be used in this case. 
Using torque spanners to screw up the bolts to the biggest extent. The biggest toque can not surpass 90% of plastic limits of bolting materials. Moreover, bolts must be oiled. 
Other connection methods with fittings of universal joints. 
Apart from the above mentioned basic structure, there are other connection methods of universal joints. Here are some structure offered by customers.

                           Pawn Type Connection                                                                                        Face Tooth Connection 
Other structure of universal joints’ connecting sets.


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