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Usage and Maintenance of Disc Couplings

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Regular checking
The normal running of disc coupling does not need to be lubricated. However, it is necessary to regular inspect it. It is suggested that it be inspected once six months for the following check. The main inspection contents are as follows:
1. Whether the connecting bolt and nut is loose or not. Tighten them again in accordance with the requirements of installation if necessary.
2. Observe whether outer surface of the disc assembly has bruise, crack, the excessive permanent deformation and other defects or not. It should be replaced immediately if there are any problems.
3. Whether the bolt torque transmission matching section surface has an obvious scratch or not.
4. Check whether the axis units alignment has changes or not. If it exceeds the regulation, the alignment should be adjusted again.
Measure the unit vibration value during the unit operation process if necessary. If it exceeds the vibration intensity range, the machine should be stopped to check the cause and to deal with it.
Disassemble couplings
Pay attention to protect the surface of the disc in case of collision when it is dismantled.
Replace accessories
Accessories should be replaced timely if it was found that disc components or fasteners are damaged.



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