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How to Maintain Diaphragm Coupling

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Maintenance of couplings is particularly important in the process of use, one reason is that it is related to the service life of the couplings, another reason is that it is related to the normal function of couplings. Many manufacturers think it is ok if it can be used, actually the fact is otherwise. Now we introduce the maintenance methods of diaphragm coupling to you.

Use and maintenance of diaphragm coupling:
1. Before installation, two shaft ends should be cleaned, check the cooperation of end face keyway.
2. After installation, check all the screws, if there exists loose, tighten it.
3. In operation, check whether there is abnormal phenomenon occurring to diaphragm coupling, if there is any abnormal phenomena, it must be fixed in time.
4. Take appropriate safety protective measures on each site where person and equipment accidents may be caused by running diaphragm coupling. 
5. In order to prevent membrane micro wear in high speed, prompting a micro crack and damage to the diaphragm bolt hole, molybdenum disulfide and other solid lubricant can be coated between diaphragms or carry out antifriction coating treatment on the surface of a diaphragm.
6. Avoid long-term overload use and operation accidents.

How to Maintain Diaphragm Coupling


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