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Basic Info for Model Selection of Gear Couplings

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Basic Info for Model Selection of Gear Couplings - China Suoda

1. Drive types: □Electromotor □Turbine motor □Internal combustion engine (Numer of cylinders: ___)
    Load categories: □even □Light impact □Medium impact □Heavy Impact □Extra-heavy Impact
    Start frequency (Times): ___
2.Driving power (Kw): ___
3.Drive RPM (rpm): ___
4.Driven device type: ___
5.Diameter of drive shaft (mm): ___    Key groove (mm): ____
6.Diameter of driven shaft (mm): ___   Key groove (mm): ____
7.Effective Length of drive shaft (mm): ___
8.Effective Length of driven shaft (mm): ___
9.Distance between axles (mm): ___
10.Total installation length (mm): ___
11.Axial compensate (mm): ___
12.Radial compensate (mm): ___
13.Angular compensate (mm): ___
14.Working environment: □Indoor □Outdoor □Dust □Oil □Water □Corrosion □Others
15.Working temperature (℃): ___
16.Allowable rotary space (mm): ___
17.Other: ___


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