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Structure and Application of Gear Couplings

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A. The structural features and application of gear coupling:

1. It has compact structure, light weight, large carrying capacity, and largest torque weight ratio compared with other couplings. Its transferred torque can be designed in the range of 250-630 000N·m.
2. It has compensation function for installation error, as well as for radial, axial and angular misalignments.
3. It has wide rotary speed range and max speed weight ratio compared with other couplings.
4. High transmission efficiency. 
5. High transmission accuracy.       
6. High reliability. 
7. Low use and maintenance costs. 
Structural Features of Gear Couplings - China Suoda

B. The features of GA, GB type couplings:

1. Components with the same specification can be interchanged, optimized to be produced and used.
2. It can be combined and integrated according to different functions, best meeting customers' needs;
3. SUODA’s coupling products are completely manufactured by ourselves to fully guarantee the on-time delivery, the highest product integrity and the lowest price.
4. The outer teeth of GA and GB series couplings can be positive and negative assembly to get three different axial distances, for convenient use.
5. Repairing the tooth crest can help improve the meshing performance, eliminate the load of tooth tip and reduce the gap and radial gap, improving the transmission stability.
6. GA and GB series couplings adopt different materials and heating treatment technologies to manufacture products with different performance and expand the range of choice, offering the best cost performance for customers. 
7. Soda couplings possess protection of special surface treatment or coating to improve the performance of resistance corrosion.
8. The simplest assemble and disassemble, and galvanization fastening pieces prevent corrosion and hard dismounting.
9. High-strength and high-quality fasteners of 12.9 levels provide couplings with additional protection when coupling failure.
10. CNC, grinding processing and high precision.
Features of  Gear Couplings- China Suoda



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