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Carrying and Storage of Gear Couplings

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Under general circumstances, gear couplings are overall delivered and packaged with wooden case. When swinging products, the ropes should be hung on the sleepers' outside of wooden case (see below picture), and it should be in horizontal position.
When the gear coupling has lifting holes in semi-linking, outer teeth end faces and inner gear flanges, and there is no wooden boxes directly lifting gear coupling, the lifting holes can be used for on-site lifting.
Carrying of Gear Couplings - China Suoda


If the gear coupling needs long-term storage before installation, the protective layer coated on the surface should be retained. Its storage place should be kept dry and ventilated. If you choose outdoor storage, place the gear coupling in the trunk, put a mat on the floor to a certain height, and meanwhile take rainproof measures.
The gear coupling without wooden package should not be stored in open air, also should not be overlapping stacking. It should be not only placed in dry and ventilated place, but also paid attention to the anti-corrosive measures for inner and outer teeth and other parts.


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