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Structure and Application of Universal Joints

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Universal Joints have high transmission efficiency. Angular displacements are permitted between two axles. With small noises, low demands on lubrication and big torque in transmission, universal joints are reliable and widely applied. On basis of structure, universal joints are classified into two types: integral fork head type (UC) and split fork head type (UP). 
The following are primary characteristics of universal joints. 
1. Great angle compensation ability. The axis angles of UC series can reach 15°- 25°, while the UP series can reach 10°.
2. Great load capacity. Compared with other styles of couplings with the same rotation diameters, universal joints have bigger toques. For mechanical equipment that are constrained on rotation diameters, universal joints present much more superior supporting range. 
3. High transmission efficiency. The transmission efficiency of universal joint reach 98%-99.8%. When transferring under high-power, the energy-saving effect will be more obvious. 
4. Universal joints run steady and make low noises. It is convenient for workers to do dismantling and maintenance work.


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