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Carrying and Storage of Universal Joints

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1. Carrying
In general situation, universal joints are packed with  wooden cases and delivered overall. When carrying the goods, ropes should hang up wooden cases from the outside of sleepers (see the picture below) to keep cases at a level status. 
Carrying and Storage of Universal Joints - China Suoda
When carrying universal joints directly without wooden cases, one should hang up products through forks on each end of a universal joint. This is done to prevent the product from hitting against others. 
When carrying universal joints directly, one shouldn’t tether ropes or chains to the middle part, especially for those telescopic type universal joints. Do not tether ropes or chains to spline shafts or spline housing, that might damage universal joints or even breed accident once the spline shaft slip off. 
2. Storage
For long-term storage before installation, universal joints should be stored with painted covering layers on the key exposed surface. The storage place should maintain dry and ventilated. Universal joints should be put into cases firstly when storing them in the open air. Mat should be placed on the floor and accumulated to a certain height. At the same time, waterproof measures are required. 
Universal joints packed without wooden cases should not be put in the open air or placed in an overlapping pattern. They should be put in a dry and ventilated place. Works should be done to spline shafts and connecting flanges in case of rust. 


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