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SL Oldham Coupling

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Characteristics and applications
SL Oldham Coupling: no buffering, vibration reduction, small radial size and small rotational inertia.
SL Oldham Coupling Basic Parameters And Main Dimensions:(Q/ZY 03-2001) mm

The cross slider coupling or metal slider coupling, the slider is circular, made of steel or alloy, suitable for low speed transmission, large transmission torque.
An intermediate plate cross slider coupling by two half coupling with a groove on the end surface and a side with convex teeth. Because the convex tooth can slide in the groove, it can compensate the relative displacement between the two axes during installation and operation.
The cross slider coupling parts of the material available steel 45, the working surface need to heat treatment to increase its hardness; lower requirements can also be used when Q275 steel without heat treatment. In order to reduce friction and wear, the oil should be lubricated from the oil hole in the middle plate when used.
Because the semi coupler and middle plate moving pair, the relative rotation cannot occur, the angular velocity of the driving shaft and the driven shaft should be equal. But when there is a relative displacement between the two axes, a large centrifugal force will be produced in the middle, which increases the dynamic load and wear. Therefore, it should be noted that the speed of the work should not be greater than the specified value.
Cross slider coupling for speed n<250r/min, shaft stiffness, and no severe shock.


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