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How to choose the type of elastic coupling

How to choose the type of elastic co

Many different types of coupling, coupling the specific use is not the same, in different industries are not the same function. The good performance of the coupling linkage, the elastic coupling is a kind of good performance of coupling. Le...

How to solve the coupling failure

How to solve the coupling failure

The coupling is indispensable in transmission, it has many types, able to adapt to the needs of different industries. Different coupling performance is not the same, of course, if in the process of using the coupling do not pay attention to...

The difference of single diaphragm coupling and double diaph

The difference of single diaphragm c

Diaphragm coupling is composed of at least one diaphragm and two sleeve. The difference of single diaphragm coupling and double diaphragm coupling is to deal with all kinds of deviation ability is different, the need of diaphragm bending, s...

Selection Process of Couplings

Selection Process of Couplings

Choose standard couplings. When choosing couplings, designers should first consider couplings that have been set up to national standards, mechanical industry standard couplings and that have won national patent, only when the existing sta...

Application of the Couplings

Application of the Couplings

Rigid coupling: rigid coupling has no ability to compensate relative deviation of the two axes as well as buffer shock absorption performance, but the structure is simple and the price is cheap. Only under the conditions that load is steady,...

Why High-elastic Couplings Are Damaged?

Why High-elastic Couplings Are Damag

High-elastic couplings are mainly used in flexible couplings of master-slave shafting elastic in machinery. Elastic component 1 of circumference is connected to master-slave hub body 4 and 5 of the couplings, annular free deformation space b...

Factors to Consider When Choosing Couplings

Factors to Consider When Choosing Co

Couplings belong to the category of machinery general parts, which are used to link two shafts from different organizations (driving shaft and driven shaft), making them rotate at the same time to transmit mechanical parts of torque. In over...

How to Choose Universal Couplings

How to Choose Universal Couplings

1. Consider if there is transmission device between prime mover and universal coupling. If there is, how much the ratio is, how many output shafts are after traveling through intermediate transmission device, whether there is power split in ...

Introduction of Economy and Technology of Couplings

Introduction of Economy and Technolo

There is rationality and applicability for everything that exists. A company that has developed couplings for many years finds out and summarizes economy and technology of couplings. The following is a simple overview of couplings....

Faults and Repairing Methods of Coupling

Faults and Repairing Methods of Coup

In common use, four kinds of faults usually happen on couplings:1. The tooth surface of coupling is worn out seriously.2. The gear ring of coupling has great axial displacement and even can’t mesh.3. Broken gear tooth happens on coup...

Technical Requirements for Materials of Coupling

Technical Requirements for Materials

Materials of coupling:Free forging adopts simple tools and equipment with excellent versatility and low cost. Meanwhile, compared with cast blank, free forging eliminates the defects such as shrinkage cavity, shrinkage, porosity, leading c...

Application and Adjustment of Gear Coupling

Application and Adjustment of Gear C

Coupling, also called as coupler, is mainly used to connect transmission shafts of all parts. Due to the differences between mechanical equipment, function of all kinds of coupling is also different, for instance, coupling on the forklift is...


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